Creating dynamic and imaginative stories through collaborative practice.


This is me

As an artist, I strive to have a well-rounded practice that includes a wide variety of skills. I am a freelance theatre practitioner with experience in every aspect of theatre creation. I pride myself on knowing how to make a piece of theatre in its entirety. As a result, I am an adaptable collaborator. I am interested in site-specific theater, environmental theatre, comedy, political theatre, and activist theatre. 

Director  Playwright 
Producer  Instructor

 Dramaturg   Technician

Designer    Associate Director  

Theatre Practitioner


I am a freelance director, playwright, and dramaturg always on the lookout for new collaborations

I have worked as a theatre director in the UK and the States for the past 10 years. My experience ranges from children's theatre, to opera, to new writing, to physical theatre, and much more. My passion lies in new writing, but I also specialize in Shakespeare and the classics, comedy, and devised theatre. I am also an engaging workshop leader and instructor as teaching is one of my favorite things to do. 

My love of words and stories lead me to become a dramaturg. I am dedicated to helping to bring a new piece of theatre into existence and assisting a playwright's vision. I am not a dramaturg that believes every story must follow the same structure to be "well made." I have studied feminist theory, queer dramaturgy, disability theatre, and Black British practices in order to be a well-rounded dramaturg with a wide view of how stories are told. 


As a playwright I am interested in breaking down the fourth wall, working with ensembles, improv and devising, and, most importantly, comedy. My work has toured the UK and the US and has been nominated for several awards. I am excited by the weird and the wonderful, but with a political or activist point of view in the work. 

I am always interested in creating new work and open to collaborations. Contact me to chat further about my work. 

Sweaty Palms


As a founding member and Associate Director for Sweaty Palms Productions, I lead and produce the majority of their projects. We are a London based theatre and technical production company devoted to creating a truly collaborative theatre community. For more information on Sweaty Palms, our previous work, and our upcoming projects go to our website