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Creating dynamic and imaginative stories.


My practice.

I am a director, playwright, dramaturg, teacher, & technician. As a theatremaker, I have built my career around being a well-rounded artist. While I have all the skills required to create a piece of theatre from the ground up, I value collaboration as the cornerstone to making good work. The stories I tell often focus on female-led narratives, working-class voices, and satirical/comedic insights. 
My passion for writing stretches beyond the confines of theatre and into the world of prose. I am an adaptive writer, able to change my writing style to fit several different genres and styles. I am also an editor and reader, utilizing my dramaturgical skills to reflect and feedback on plot, character, and style. I am most interested in fantasy, magical realism, and speculative fiction. 

Sweaty Palms


As a founding member and Associate Director for Sweaty Palms Productions, I lead and produce many of their projects. We are an international theatre and technical production company devoted to creating a truly collaborative theatre community. For more information on Sweaty Palms, our previous work, and our upcoming projects go to our website

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