Sweaty Palms Productions

Associate Director

Frankie has been with Sweaty Palms Productions since its establishment in 2017. Since then she has taken on many roles within the company. Below are just a few of her projects and positions.


Blog Editor

Oversee the editing, promoting, and publishing of all pieces on the Sweaty Palms blog, as well as contributing original articles.

Podcast Producer

Not only does Frankie co-host the FranKay & Fiends podcast, but she also edits and produces every episode.

Social Media Officer

Frankie is responsible for the management for all of Sweaty Palms' social media page as well as the website. and Patreon page.

Technical Projects Manager

Frankie is responsible for project management and client relationships when it comes to Sweaty Palms' technical production work.



Mask Making Workshop

August 24-26, 2018

Frankie and Kay ran an in-depth mask-making and performance workshop for the Lost Village Festival. Participants created individual masks and were instructed on various forms of mask traditions and performance styles, from Balinese mask practices to Commedia del'Arte. 

Price of Iron

November 22-25, 2017

The Price of Iron was performed as part of Theatre N16's 'War & Conflict' season.  It was adapted by the company from the Brecht play of the same name. Frankie played 'The Customer' in this production as well as taking on some producing responsibilities.

Halloween at Hornsey Town Hall

October 27-28, 2017

Kalyl Kadri and Frankie Regalia performed as part of an immersive Halloween even at Hornsey Town Hall.  They designed and created their own characters and, over the course of the weekend, scared over 1000 people.


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