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Stoned, Stupid, & Stuck (A Californian Fairytale)

Stoned, Stupid, & Stuck is an exploration of friendship, drug addiction, poverty, and youth set against the background of the changing marijuana industry in Northern California. Rose and Sequoyah’s futures, and that of their tiny hometown, hang in the balance of the recent legalization of cannabis. This play brings the audience into a part of the world that is so steeped in drug culture that the line between addiction and survival becomes blurred. The serious setting is juxtaposed with absurd, female-driven comedy.


2018 - shortlisted for the Charlie Hartill Special Reserve Fund

2019 - Honorable Mention from the New Works of Merit Playwriting Contest

Past Performances:

April 20, 2019 - Eagles Hall, Fort Bragg, California

April 23-25, 2019 - Oregon Fringe Festival, Ashland, Oregon

May 22-25, 2019 - Brighton Fringe Festival, Brighton, UK

June 30, 2019 - CentrE17, London, UK

August 2-24, 2019 - Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Edinburgh, Scotland

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Trash Island

Trash Island is set 250 years in the future when eco disasters have drowned the world and humanity lives on a floating island of rubbish. The main character, Dasani, manipulates her way from the lowest scavenger to a servant of the upper classes, gaining their trust. She becomes disillusioned with this world, recognizing that she will live and die under their boot. She plans an uprising of her fellow scavengers and becomes as ruthless a leader as the ones she sought to overthrow. In the end, a massive tidal wave that humanity has ignored crashes down, destroying everything.


2020 - shortlisted for the LET Award 


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