Past Productions

Stoned, Stupid, & Stuck (A Californian Fairytale)

by Frankie Regalia

April 20, 2019 (Fort Bragg, California)

April 23-25, 2019 (Oregon Fringe Festival)

May 22-25, 2019 (Brighton Fringe Festival)

June 30, 2019 (CentrE17, London)

August 2-24, 2019 (Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

​The plan was simple: steal the drugs, sell the drugs and get out of town. Sequoyah and Rose are tired of living second-rate lives in the watered-down ghost town they call home. Following the guidance of the mysterious (and possibly hallucinated) Chicken Lady, our heroes come face-to-face with talking animals, a murderous hermit and their bleak futures. This stoner comedy begs the big questions: can you ever truly escape your hometown? Are drugs the answer to our problems, or the cause? Where do guinea pigs come from?

Scratch A Little Higher

Sweaty Palms Productions

Scratch A Little Higher featured 6 work-in-progress pieces from 5 emerging theatre companies. Frankie produced this event as well as directing two pieces: City Cow Titty (Stay Up Late) and Stoned, Stupid, & Stuck (Sweaty Palms Productions). 

Words, Words, Words

by David Ives

Words, Words, Words was performed at ManiFest 2017, the MFA Director's showcase at East 15 Acting School.  This production was mounted at the Corbett Theatre. ​

Ella Enchanted

by Stephanie Neuerburg

Ella Enchanted is a new stage adaptation of Gail Carson Levine's beloved young adult novel of the same name.  This production opened at the ColourHouse Theatre in London (July, 2017) and then went on to do a month run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the Pleasance Courtyard (August, 2017).  It then transferred to the Crossrail Roof Gardens in London as part of a children's season organized by the Space Theatre (Sept, 2017).  

Endgame: Ariel

devised by Dead Leaf Theatre Company

Endgame: Ariel was conceived and performed by Dead Leaf Theatre Company. It was performed in January 2016 as part of Versions Festival at the Courtyard Theatre, London. Endgame tells the story of three Shakespearean characters struggling with identity, gender, and society. 

An Ill Word

by Shanti Ryle & Anthony Nuno Jr.

An Ill Word is an adaptation of William Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing written by Shanti Ryle and Anthony Nuno Jr. It premiered at the 2015 Oregon Fringe Festival. It was the center piece of ShakespeareAMERICA, a project collaboration between the Oregon Shakespeare Festival and Southern Oregon University.  This adaptation recontextualizes Shakespeare's play into modern Hollywood and the celebrity lifestyle.


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