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General Resources

Here is a list of resources that I wish someone had handed to be when I got out of drama school:

- The Mandy Network

Screen and stage jobs/casting website

- Spotlight

Casting website

- Linkedin

Professional social media website

- ArtsJobs

Arts Council England's job board

- Creative Scotland

Creative Scotland's job board

- Screen Scotland

Creative Scotland's film and tv job board

- Linda Bloomfield on Twitter

A creative producer that posts 10 creative opportunities every week on #OppotunityTuesday

- BBC Writersroom

Writing opportunities from across the UK

- Creative Access

Creative job board

- Arts Admin Anchor

Weekly email newsletter of creative opportunities

- Jerwood Arts

Funding body

- Soho Theatre

Development opportunities for artists

This is a non-exhaustive list of online resources. Do your own research, find companies and artists you want to work with, and apply for everything that you are interested in.

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