★★★★½ "self-induced funniness" - the Derek Awards

★★★★ "...this is a trip you want to join." - UK Theatre Web

"Pitching itself somewhere between Fear and Loathing and Pineapple Express, sweaty Palms Productions offer a piece of theatre that is certainly never dull..." - Broadway Baby

"Frankie Regalia's fresh and funny script feels like a female-driven Wayne's World for the 2000s..."  - the Scotsman

Stoned, Stupid, &



Ella Enchanted

★★★★ "This is a feminist play, not just another Disney-like princess tale. It is absolutely not just for girls; it is for all children to enjoy as it in no way promotes stereotypes. It triumphs independence. It doesn’t preach. It reveals knowledge in the same way that any childhood classic does. Its message is about understanding self and treating others well. In this day and age that is an important lesson for anyone to take." - Bradway Baby

Jonjo & Micháel



An Ill Word


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Words, Words, Words

Marysa Finnie, Jen Horsthuis, Jo McGarry